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Given the volatile international environment, security at airports is critical. Access points to air traffic control operations, maintenance, crew lounges, baggage handling, car parks, runways, concessions and catering require strong control.

After 9/11, aviation laws have been tightened and it is pertinent for airport management to implement tighter security systems. The system needs to be monitored 24/7 to allow airport security to respond to priorities immediately with detailed, real-time visual and factual information, particularly for key areas and gates.

Some of the key security features Cardax FT System offers :

  • Encryption options of 40bit and 168bit SSL encryption to protect system communications over the network
  • Integrated cardholder photo identification
  • Anti-passback to prevent a cardholder from passing their access card to someone else
  • Cardholder Challenge to provide the ability for security operators to visually confirm the identity of cardholders passing though nominated access points
  • Real-Time Lock-down and 'free access' emergency responses

Cardax FT integrated access control, biometric readers, DVR/CCTV Interface, Digital Intercom and PowerFenceâ„¢ perimeter security systems is providing Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Beijing the critical security it demands.

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