System Integration
  Imaging System
Intruder Detection
  Building Management System
HRMS (People Management)
Cardax FT is designed as a platform for integration with building management systems, human resource management systems, DVR and CCTV systems, PowerFence perimeter systems and biometric systems.

The Cardax FT Controller Application Programme Interface (API) enables events from third party systems to be sent to and received from the Cardax FT Controller 3000 and Controller 5000GL and is ideal for high level interfaces to third party system such as DVR, building management and duress systems.

The Cardax FT Controller Logic provides the ability to trigger outputs based on programmable logic base rules. Potential use includes switching lighting upon cardholder activation, setting alarm or fence zones or triggering alarms based on a number of variables occurring. All logic decisions take place at the controller and is independent of the Cardax FT server, ensuring full protection against server or IT network failures.

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