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Given the nature of the business, security to a financial institution is extremely important, particularly with the number of people that can be passing through in a given day.
Access control is implemented to achieve extra security layers, and audit trails, protecting high value IP assets including customer databases and commercially senstive information. This approach is critical so only people with specific privileges can access this information.

Often security is very upfront, with an abundance of security cameras. Integration of the access control system with third party imaging systems creates a visual and auditable trail of activities, linking images to events.
Identification of individuals (i.e. PhotoID), achieved within the system, also minimises risk of internal identity theft.

Important for the banking world is the option of high level encryption. The access control system utilizing the network should incorporate robust encryption to keep data secure. The default level of encryption for Cardax FT network communications is 40-bit Secure Socket Layer, a standard similar to the technology used to secure Internet banking transactions. A High Level Encryption of 168-bit is also available.

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