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In a hospital it is critical for the system to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Cardax FT system architecture includes reliable, intelligent field controllers that make access control and alarm decisions in the field independent of the server management system. Critically, if the server becomes unavailable, the access control and security functions continue on site.

Cardax FT is a stable, electronic access control and intruder alarm system ideally suited to the hospital environment. It is highly flexible. Access and security for each area of the hospital - from the emergency department and operating theatres, through the pharmacy and wards, to the elevator system and car parks and can be configured to meet the specific requirements.
Protecting patients and staff against unauthorized people is a key factor for hospitals, and can include: providing duress alarm points, linking CCTV/DVR monitoring to access control and alarm points to provide a visual record associated with a duress alarm point, restricting public access to specific areas (specific wards and laboratories), and managing access cards in a real-time manner.

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