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From Government and Defence, to specialist research facilities, to organizations providing critical national infrastructure such as banking, telecommunications, energy and water, high security requirements and practices are of strategic national concern.
Gallagher Security Management Systems has developed purpose design solutions for high security applications. Cardax FT XtraSec is designed for protection against competent technical attack or compromise of the system from internal or external parties.

Each system provides end-to-end superior system security through very high levels of data encryption and monitored communications. This is achieved through implementing a minimum encryption key length of 128 bits coupled together with stronger encryption algorithms.

The beauty of the Cardax FT XtraSec is that it is drawing on a combination of system division and operator privileges, both high and regular security areas can be supported through these system platforms.

Complement these scalable systems with the following features and achieve premium, high security platforms for your organisation:

. Cardholder Challenge provides the ability for operators to visually confirm the identity of a cardholder who has badged their card at a reader by comparing the cardholder image in the system against a live image from a third party system

. Integration of biometric technologies to verify user identity

. Antipassback configuration to prevent a cardholder gaining access to a zone, then passing the card out to another person for entry.

. Anti-tailgating configuration to prevent people from following in other cardholders without presenting their own card on entry by generating an alarm when they exit.

. Zone counting to enable live counts of the number of cardholders present in specific Access Zones

. No Alone Zones configuration to ensure that whenever a high security area is occupied, there are at least two people recorded as being present.

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