System Integration
  Imaging System
Intruder Detection
  Building Management System
HRMS (People Management)

Image 1: Building is armed using the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal.

Image 2: PIR detects an intruder in the building.

Image 3: Cardax FT sends a message to the monitoring station.

Image 4: Monitoring station initiates appropriate response.

Cardax FT system gives big business benefits to all business owners.

It will let you know immediately if there's an intruder on your premises, and contact a monitoring centre to dispatch security guards to re-secure your business any time of the day or night.

There may also be other incidents that can be detected by the system, and treated as an alarm, for example when the temperature reaches a certain level for a particular area.

Talk to us about the types of events you want to know about.

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