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Cardax FT System
Legacy System

Cardax Commander Technology offered three Commander systems that provided powerful, integrated access control and alarm monitoring security systems. These proven systems suited a range of applications from small systems all located on single premises; through to large multi site installations.

Smaller systems adopted Cardax Command Centre 50 software to control a single Commander and up to 50 field devices. Command Centre 50 operates on Windows® 95/98/ME.

Larger systems adopted Cardax Command Centre UNIX or Cardax Command Centre NT to control up to 40 Commanders and 2000 field devices.

Commander technology is now surpassed by the Cardax FT platform, however Gallagher Security Management Systems has ensured customers have a process of advancing their Commander systems to Cardax FT, thereby allowing you to utilise and protect their previous investment in Cardax Commander technology.

  • Ensure your security system is not outdated and is compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Take advantage of integrating your Cardax Commander hardware into the new Cardax FT access control and intruder alarms system.

  • Enjoy the benefits of utilising the new Cardax FT hardware with future site upgrades and additions.

  • See migration as an opportune time to review and rationalise your security requirements - it is likely your needs have changed!

Information kits have been developed for dealers and customers. Please contact your local Cardax office or dealer for details or refer to the CONTACT section of this site to get in touch with your nearest Cardax Business Development Manager.


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