Announcing major release for Cardax FT....
Version 4, the intruder alarm release.
Version 4’ sees the system extend to fully integrate access control and intruder alarms. Cardax FT, renowned for its superior access control, eliminates the requirement for a separate intruder alarm system.

The new version is a major release of the Cardax FT Command Centre software in that it incorporates new capabilities, features, and interfaces for the system – particularly intruder alarm functionality. Also included is the Cardax FT DVR Interface and Challenge.

The new release includes support for new hardware devices, including the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal (delivering competitive alarm zone management functionality), the Cardax FT Diallers, and I/O expansion options for the Cardax FT Controller 3000.

When coupled with the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal, Dialler 3000, and I/O expansion boards, the Controller 3000 architecture is a complete, integrated access control and alarms solution.

Alarm Zone Management Features
With this version, Cardax FT Command Centre advances its alarm zone management functionality. The features now see Cardax FT combining powerful intruder alarm features, to complement the premium scale of access control functionality the system has become renowned for.

New Licensed Features
Challenge functionality provides the ability to double-check the identity of cardholders passing through a nominated door via visual inspection.

Cardax FT DVR Interface provides the ability to connect to third party DVR (or NVR) systems and provides for an integrated colour DVR and alarms management solution for central alarm monitoring.

I/O Expansion for the Cardax FT Controller 3000
The Cardax FT Controller 3000 is a cost-effective, integrated Controller, with on-board reader and I/O connections. The I/O expansion for the Cardax FT Controller is now available in the form of an I/O Expansion board (8 balanced inputs and 4 relay outputs) and an 8 Input Expansion board (8 balanced inputs), making the Controller 3000 architecture even more attractive for straightforward system design.

Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal – Alarm Zone functionality
Connecting to the architecture of the cost effective Cardax FT Controller 3000, the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal is a versatile, user-friendly, keypad interface for onsite intruder alarms management in the field.

Installed within the protected alarm zone, the Remote Arming Terminal allows authorised users to: monitor, arm, force arm, isolate and disarm alarm zones (areas) of the integrated intruder alarm system.

Cardax FT Diallers – Solution for remote alarms monitoring
Cardax FT Diallers provide the ability to transmit alarms to remote monitoring stations using industry-standard Contact ID data format. Each Cardax FT Dialler also enables the Cardax FT Command Centre, the head-end of the system, to dial-up Cardax FT Controllers, to perform configuration and alarm monitoring for remote sites.

There are two variants of Cardax FT Diallers. As optional devices, they attach on-board their respective Cardax FT Controller; the Cardax FT Dialler 3000 and the Cardax FT Dialler 5000.

Introduction of Software Maintenance Agreements
Cardax is known for looking after their customers – recognised last year by the release of the Commander Interface, providing Cardax customers with legacy sites with an upgrade path to the latest FT technology.

For sites with Cardax FT, customers can now take advantage of regular software releases, through annual Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA). Please refer to the Cardax Product List for more information. Cardax is committed to a Research & Development program ensuring new software releases are made at regular intervals.

It is recommended readers review further information on the new products and features included in this cornerstone release of the system. Datasheets and additional information are available on

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