New 4 Reader Controller released for Cardax FT.
Gallagher Security Management Systems announces a new Controller variant in the Controller 3000 product range, the Cardax FT Controller 3000 – 4R.

The existing Cardax FT Controller 3000 (now referred to as the 8R variant) gives a straightforward design for access control and alarms management, which was enhanced with the I/O expansion board and 8-Input expansion board.

“The Cardax FT Controller 3000 – 8R, with the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal supported our move into the intruder alarms arena. The new 4R Controller will cement this move into the small systems market,” explains John Dumelow, NZ Business Development Manager for Cardax.

The Cardax FT Controller 3000-4R is the cost effective, integrated, intelligent field Controller for Cardax FT systems. Linking with the Command Centre, the Cardax FT Controller 3000-4R has on-board I/O and reader connections, like its 8R counterpart.

The Cardax FT Controller 3000 – 4R has on-board reader connections for 4 Cardax readers (hence the name), or 2 Wiegand format readers, and has 8 balanced inputs and 4 relay outputs.

The Cardax FT Controller 3000 – 8R has on-board reader connections for 8 Cardax readers, or 4 Wiegand format readers, and has 16 balanced inputs and 8 relay outputs.

Both Controllers:
  • Include a 32 bit Intel® microprocessor
  • Make all the access control decisions in the system
  • Communicates with the Cardax FT Command Centre using TCP/IP, a world standard network and Internet transmission protocol, over an Ethernet network
  • Include a database capable of supporting 30,000 card records and a 10,000 events buffer in its default configuration for access control functions.
The Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal is a versatile, user-friendly, keypad interface for onsite alarms management in the field, and is supported by either the 4R or 8R Controller 3000.

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