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Cardax FT: the ideal, cost effective solution for security retrofits.

Organisations with aging access control systems have responded with great enthusiasm to Gallagher Security Management Systems’ (GSMS) latest Cardax FT software and hardware retrofit options as indicated by the sharp rate of uptake worldwide. GSMS Product and Marketing Manager Kahl Betham comments, “Our rate of new site installation is up 40% in the last six months compared to the previous six months. The Cardax retrofit solution is designed to be an easy, cost effective transition for any site looking to upgrade its access control system.”

Organisations looking to upgrade to a Cardax FT system will benefit from a comprehensive Microsoft® Windows® based security system that integrates access control and alarms management, intruder alarms, intercom, and photo identification. Complemented with a range of interfaces - DVR / CCTV and digital intercom systems, for example - it provides a platform for integrated site security. Sites moving to Cardax FT also benefit from core elements of the system including very high levels of data encryption, high security options (Cardax FT XtraSec), and IT compatibility.

Central to the Cardax retrofit option, is the new Cardax FT Controller 5000GL - an intelligent controller with minimal reader and I/O connections, and the Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface. The Cardax GBUS URI with flush box, cavity or cabinet mounting options allows direct hardware replacement for many historic access control systems, and delivers on the I/O and reader connections needed for each door. The ability to re-use existing daisy-chained wiring with the Controller 5000GL and GBUS URI combination provides lower re-wiring costs saving time and money.

Software licensing based on number of doors ensures lower software costs for retrofits sites with many alarms and few doors. Cardax FT is fully scalable so it can accommodate changing security requirements as businesses evolve.

At its core, Cardax FT enables organisations to control who can go where and when. The system has been designed to accommodate the need so single door sites right through to multi-tenanted and multi-site scenarios with system division (partitioning) and operator privileges restricting who can view information and perform functions within the system. The system's reporting ability provides a full audit trail of events.

In addition to the attractive range of Cardax readers (available in 125kHz and Mifare smart card technologies), industry standard Wiegand format readers are supported. For retrofits where retaining existing cards is highly desirable, the universal card format software feature enables multiple third-party Wiegand card formats to be supported in the system. This is a great feature for organisations wanting to consolidate security onto one management platform.

The XML interface enables cardholder data to be shared with other people-management systems facilitating a single source of cardholder data entry and maintenance, reduced data errors, and less time and money spent on database management. The system uses industry standard OPC interfacing to link to building management systems to achieve efficiencies in energy such as lighting and air-conditioning.

Software Maintenance Agreements are available to ensure that Cardax FT systems are maintained and supported on the latest Microsoft operating platforms and that organisations benefit from ongoing performance improvements.

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