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Cardax FT Version 5 Offers Significant Enhancements.

The latest version of Cardax FT - version 5 - offers significant enhancements which both existing and new customers will enjoy. Many of the enhancements are designed to make the daily operation of the Cardax FT system easier, for example, the ability to:

  • implement bulk cardholder changes
  • pre-program a set of overrides via macros to cater for special events requiring one-off changes to the normal security settings
  • define separate operator privileges to apply to an operator within each division of the system
  • create, change and delete icon sets for site plans.

Enhancements to Cardax FT Online Manager, the web interface into the Cardax FT system, also a feature of this release. Cardax FT Online Manager presents an option for organisations to shift the responsibility of cardholder management from the security department to the Human Resources Department or authorised line managers. As a web application, information is available 24/7. Simple reporting, visitor management, temporary access and cardholder information can all be accessed and managed through a user-friendly interface. 
In addition to cardholder information, Cardax FT Online Manager also supports the processing of alarms. Alarm notifications can be sent to cellular phones (via SMS communications) or PDAs (via wireless TCP/IP communications). Alarms can be both acknowledged and processed through these respective devices, enabling mobile alarms management.
Cardax FT version 5 also coincides with the release of new hardware.
The Cardax FT Controller 5000GL is a new intelligent field controller supporting dial-up and the full range of Cardax FT devices including the Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal for alarms management in the field.
The Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface is designed as a single door reader interface with 8 inputs, 2 outputs and support for 2 Cardax readers or 1 Weigand format reader. Its small design and plastic enclosure enable it to be installed in a wall cavity.

Combined together, the Cardax FT Controller 5000GL and the Cardax FT GBUS Universal Reader Interface will be an excellent option for retrofitting sites.

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