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Good news for Cardax Sites with Legacy Commaneder Hardware.

Gallagher Security Management Systems, manufacturer of Cardax access control and alarms management systems, is introducing new policies for sites with legacy Cardax Commanders.

Both policies relate to the Cardax FT Commander Interface license which enables legacy Cardax Commanders to be supported by the Cardax FT system.

The first is a Cardax FT trade-in offer which entitles customers who have migrated or are planning to migrate to the Cardax FT system to swap each Commander Interface license for three Cardax FT Controller licenses, free of charge. The offer is valid until 31 December 2004.

Gallagher Security Management Systems will accept forward orders for delivery up to 31 December 2006, provided orders are received by the end of this year.

Kahl Betham, Cardax Product Manager, says he believes that the trade-in offer will be welcomed by many Commander sites who are assessing their options, particularly larger sites with greater numbers of Commanders. “It will assist our customers in the transition from legacy Cardax Commanders to Cardax FT hardware.

Not only does it benefit customers in terms of the inherent advantages of moving to the Cardax FT hardware architecture, it also enables our dealers and the technical support services to concentrate on the latest Cardax FT technology platform.”

The second is for smaller sites residing on legacy Cardax Command Centre 50 systems. Gallagher Security Management Systems is offering a migration special: any order placed by 31 December 2004 to migrate a Cardax Command Centre 50 site to Cardax FT Command Centre will automatically receive one Commander Interface license free.

“It’s excellent news for smaller sites”, says Betham. “Typically their legacy Cardax system was used for access control. On the Cardax FT platform they will be able to expand this to integrate intruder alarms supported with off-site alarm monitoring and site management, a common requirement for many smaller businesses.”

With the release of the Cardax FT system in 2000, Cardax Commander technology was put onto legacy status. At the end of this year, Gallagher Security Management Systems, the manufacturer will cease their manufacture and the Commander technology platform will become obsolete. Recognising the importance and value of existing sites,

Gallagher Security Management Systems released the Commander Interface in 2002 to provide a bridge to the new Cardax FT system.

The Interface enables sites with legacy Commanders to benefit from the Cardax FT Command Centre platform, including:

  • Moving to a technology platform that is designed for integration with other business, people, and building management systems
  • The ability to retain their existing readers and cards
  • The option to expand and/or integrate intruder alarms using the Cardax FT hardware
  • Retaining their Commanders, replacing these over time with Cardax FT hardware in line with planning and budgeting.
Betham says that the new policies will benefit the more than 1,000 Cardax sites around the world residing on legacy Cardax Commander technology.

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