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Cardax FT Version 4.20 Released.
It is immediately available to new customers. Free upgrade to Version 4.20 is provided to those participating in the Cardax FT Software Maintenance programme. The version with its significant strengthening of anti-passback and other high security features, together with the regional holiday and foreign language enhancements, is indicative of Gallagher Security Management Systems commitment to continually enhance the Cardax FT system.

Key features of Version 4.20 include:

Anti-passback - Major improvements mean that Cardax FT now has one of the strongest anti-pass back features available in any system. Global anti-passback is supported (exiting from site clears anti-passback from all access zones on site). Anti-passback is configurable by person (access group) as well as area (access zone or access zone group), which means specific access groups may be configured to not be bound by the anti-passback rules. Soft and hard anti-passback are supported ('Soft' provides an alarm but allows entry; 'hard' provides an alarm and disallows entry).

Anti-tailgating - This feature is complementary to anti-passback and means a person can’t exit a zone if they haven’t first entered it.
Access Zone Groups: This is useful where a physical area consists of more than one access zone. The collection of zones are treated as one zone for the purposes of zone counting, anti-passback or anti-tailgating.

Zone Counting - The ability to keep a continuous count of the number of cardholders in a zone with associated outputs has been a feature in earlier Cardax products. In Version 4.20 it is used, in conjunction with dual authorisation, as the mechanism for "no alone zones" which are sometimes required for security or safety reasons.

Door Control Extensions - Improved support for automatic doors is provided via a new Automatic Door Mode. A door Not Locked condition will now beep the reader that is associated with the door. You can now prevent a door from attempting to relock itself in a door Not Locked condition. An external relay can now be activated in a door Not Locked condition. A check box has been added to prevent a Request to Exit from energising the lock. Functionality has been added to allow a door to be easily overridden when it is associated with multiple access zones. Doors with Magclamp locks can now be supported without the need for an external door Open sensor.

Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal in IDT Mode - The Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal can be associated with a reader to operate in a similar way to Cardax FT Intelligent Door Terminal. This is particularly applicable in high security access control where encrypted PIN communications are required. The other key feature that comes with this is the option of using the normal calculated PIN or the user code that is normally used for RAT logon as a PIN for Door entry.
Special Calendars Regional Holidays: This enhancement resolves an issue for systems that are spread across regions or countries with different public holidays.
Photo-ID Extensions - New Barcode Format, Telepen, is available. Mifare cards are now able to be encoded from the Cardax FT system, (initially Fargo Printer only).

Improved Foreign Language Support - Language can now be selected from the Logon screen. This enables changeable foreign language. For example, with an Arabic language version it is possible to select English at logon so that a person not literate in Arabic could trouble shoot the system from the English language menus. Language translations process is improved. Translations will be licensed.

Enhancements to Contact ID - The Find tool now support Contact ID searches, and there have been improvements made to Contact ID Mapping and Reporting.

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