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Petroleum and petrochemical sites - sites of such national importance present considerable security challenges.

The challenge of maintaining security for petroleum and petrochemical companies is compounded by their unique facilities and wide ranging logistical issues. The expanse of the oil and gas producing fields, the vulnerability of cross country gas and oil pipelines along with the diversity of facilities and transportation methods used by the industry present significant challenges. In addition, the remoteness of some sites poses a challenge.

Shell Australia chose to address these issues with a Cardax access control and intruder alarms system. Cardax FT can be integrated with a range of other systems including DVR, CCTV, PowerFence perimeter security systems, human resource management systems, and resource scheduling systems.

The system is able to be supported from anywhere in the world, enhancing secure environments at remote sites. Shell Australia was impressed with the ability Cardax FT gave them to maintain and control security of a national system from a central point as well as being able to do day-to-day operations remotely.

Cardax FT provides petroleum and petrochemical companies and many other organisations of national importance with an extremely high level of security.

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