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At the front line of the supply chain, ports play a critical role in maintaining the credibility of their country as a secure trading partner. As the international trade environment expands, there is a need to strengthen port security globally.
The development of security plans encompassing perimeter security, integrated access control and active monitoring is a critical component in strengthening border control against terrorism and anti-national crimes. With a large area to cover, constant flow of logistics and a number of people operating within the boundaries, implementing an effective security and access control system is pertinent.

Cardax FT via its OPC interface delivers a robust and expandable security system for port security through interfacing with Digital Video Management Systems, Perimeter Intruder Detection, Vehicle/Driver Identification system, Visitor Management System and RFID systems.
Cardax FT is a comprehensive security and alarm monitoring system that provides high-level security management, Enterprise-wide with just a single system. This is an important feature of the FT system in facilitating future port expansions.

Cardax FT has been carefully designed and incorporated for port operations in New Zealand.

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