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When considering a security system, and the way forward, there are certain areas that need to be addressed.

You need to be sure the system will meet your needs, now and as you grow in the future. Your requirements may be very straightforward but it will be reassuring to know you can add functionality when you need to.

Here are some areas when evaluating a system:


Does the system provide a single graphical user interface for core security functions, i.e. managing where people have access to at what times, monitoring for intruders, and processing alarms that occur in the system?


Are there interfaces available to third party systems (i.e. other security applications, elevator systems, intercom systems, HR systems)?

Can images be linked to system events, for visual and auditable records that can be relied on for evidence?

Does the system allow for sharing of information & use industry standard OPC to interface to Building Management Systems?


Is the system scalable? - can it grow from just a few monitored doors to thousands on distributed sites - without hardware redundancy & unreasonable costs?

Can expansion be easily incorporated into one single system, (i.e. adding new employees, buildings, or tenants)?

Can the system manage remote sites to reduce monitoring expenses?


Is encryption incorporated in the system to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of the organisation's data?

Does the system have the technology capability to handle the extensive processing to encrypt data to an acceptable standard (i.e. 40-bit Secure Socket Layer, a standard similar to that used to secure Internet banking transactions?


Will the system utilise existing networks & continue to operate if the site experiences network problems?

Will it use minimal bandwidth, i.e. will not interrupt normal IT communications?

Is the system Internet compatible to be able to operate over geographical and time zone boundaries?

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