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Telecommunications companies provide services which are critical to every country's national infrastructure. Security is a top priority for these organizations.

The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of the information age - delivering voice, data, graphics and video throughout the world, in an increasing number of ways. Whereas wire line telephone communication was once the primary service of the industry, wireless communication services and cable and satellite program distribution make up an increasing share of the industry.

Cardax FT Smartcard provides the tool for security and operation managers to recognize alarm activities and contractor movements at remote sites and to have the option of providing real-time access and protection of their valuable assets at all Base Station Controllers (BSC), Telecommunication Operations Centres (TOC) and Network Operation Centres (NOC) nationwide. The integrated system mitigates the requirement for telecommunication operators to deploy a supervisor at site for monitoring purposes and hence reduce operational cost.

Cardax FT Smartcard System has also been used to integrate lighting with infrared motion sensors (Building Management System). The system can automatically be programmed to turn off office lights after-hours if there is no movement after 20 minutes.

Cardax FT is not just a security system; it is also a cost-effective building management system and the choice of security for Telekom Malaysia, Maxis Communication and Telecom New Zealand

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