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Web Interface to Cardax FT

Cardax FT Online Manager is the web interface into the Cardax FT system. It is an web based management tool for distributing the management responsibility of Cardholders and Alarms. Live data can be viewed and managed from anywhere at anytime.

Cardax FT Online Manager provides the following via secure Web browser logon:

  1. Cardholder and card management capabilities
  2. Full alarm and event processing capabilities
  3. Multiple divisions support - ideal for multi-tenant or departmental situations
  4. Full Operator privilege control provided
  5. Detailed audit trail maintained
  6. Simple web reporting provided
  7. Communications data protection (ultilising SSL encryption)
  8. Capable of multiple language support. (Please contact Gallagher Security Management Systems for more information).

Cardax FT Online Manager also supports temporary access for visitor and contractor management. An Operator can grant access to different areas, at different times, in real-time or in advance of when access is required.

This tool features a password protected user logon system and allows for the creation of Operators separate to Cardax FT Command Centre Operators. As well as being subject to system Division, Operators are assigned Privileges and can only perform authorised functions. Cardax FT Online Manager allows Operators to fully manage, Cardholders and Alarms for their own Division, department, faculty, floor or office.

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